The advantages of treating timber

advantagesTimber that is treated with a preservative generally has it applied through vacuum and/or pressure treatment. The preservatives that we use to pressure-treat timber are water-borne and solvent borne.

This provides long term resistance against decay, insects and other wood destroying organisms, outliving many naturally durable timbers in exposed conditions. If left untreated, wood that is exposed to moisture or soil for sustained periods of time will become weakened by various types of fungi, bacteria or insects.


  • It provides long life under hazardous conditions
  • It is cost efficient
  • It is versatile, can be used above ground, under ground, and in direct contact with fresh or salt water
  • A variety of finishes provide additional attractiveness
  • It provides flexibility for design and can economically overcome difficult site situations
  • It makes non-durable timber such as pine durable which is the most commonly used timber at Davids Timber

Timber Treatment