Our Commitment to the Environment


Davids Timber believes that timber is the most environmentally friendly building material and as such, we are committed ensuring the longevity of this resource.

When you buy treated pine products from Davids Timber, you can be confident that you are using high quality renewable plantation pine specifically grown for timber manufacture.

Plantation grown treated pine is the optimum building material; it is natural, attractive and extremely versatile. Using treated pine is the best choice for your outdoor project and the best choice for the environment.

Recent Statistics

  • Approximately 20% of Australia is still forested. This is comprised of woodlands, open forest, rainforest, mangroves and plantations.
  • The total plantation area as at September, 2000 was 1,484,740 hectares. 66% of this is comprised of softwood and the balance hardwood.
  • Currently, plantation timber represents about 1.1% of total forests in Australia.
  • There is a 3million ha plantation target set for 2020.
  • Most pine plantations are grown on land that was previously cleared but proved unsuitable for high intensity farming, so they do not replace native forests.
  • The timber supplied from these forests comprises more than 50% of timber produced in Australia. Additionally, plantation sites are generally on previously cleared land returning the site to a forested ecosystem.

More Information

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